Questionnaire Regarding Your Election Integrity Organization

Thank you for filling out this questionnaire about your group. Your answers will help us develop and provide the kind of support thatās important to you and groups like yours.

Please send responses to this questionnaire, at your earliest convenience, to

1) Your Name:

2) Your Organization:

3) Number of people in core group:

4) Number of people associated with your organization:

5) Number of months in existence:

6) Level of focus: National, State, and/or Local

7) Contact Email Address

8) Address, City, State, Zip:

9) Phone: Work, Cell, and/or Other

10) What is your group working on now?

11) What are your priorities for this year?

12) What organizations have been helpful to you?

13) What tools, information or assistance does your group need?

14) Other information youād like to share.