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Advanced Voting Solutions
Advanced Voting Solutions, Inc.
2401 Internet Blvd., Ste. 111
Frisco, TX 75034
Phone: 972-731-8901
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Advanced Voting Solutions (AVS) develops hardware and software systems for the electronic tallying of ballots. Its products include the WINvote touchscreen voting machine and applications for managing the voting process. The company was established in 2001 by CEO Howard Van Pelt, who sold his previous business, Global Election Systems, to Diebold, which renamed the business Diebold Election Systems. AVS was once known as Shoup Voting Solutions, a company that manufactured mechanical voting equipment. Shoup got out of the equipment manufacturing business in 1992 and was involved in servicing its installed equipment. The voting equipment repair firm, founded in 1911, is now known as Elections USA Inc. by Shoup.

The End of the Line for AVS in Pennsylvania? PDF  | Print |  Email
Advanced Voting Solutions (AVS)
By Warren Stewart, Verified Voting Foundation   
November 28, 2007
The Election Assistance Commission (EAC) today announced that it was terminating the application of voting system manufacturer Advanced Voting Solutions (AVS) for certification its WinWare 2.0.4 election management system. As a result it appears unlikely that AVS can meet the requirements of the Pennsylvania Secretary of the Commonwealth for state certification, which has left three counties in the state without equipment for the 2008 elections. State election officials have made it clear that the AVS system would not be allowed for use in elections in the state without successfully completing federal certification testing and it appears unlikely that AVS will initiate a new testing process at this point.

AVS was formerly Shoup Voting Solutions (SVS), resurrected from the Shoup family business that had left the voting machine manufacturing business in 1992, after a century of family involvement in the voting machine industry. In 2001, SVS was already marketing the direct recording electronic (DRE) voting machine that eventually became the AVS WinVote. The software was developed by a Canadian company EnfoCom International. WIN stands for “Wireless Information Network”, emphasizing the system’s use of wireless technology to facilitate the transmission of ballot definitions as well as vote totals. In 2002, SVS became Advanced Voting Systems.
Digital Voting Fears Are Grounded in Facts PDF  | Print |  Email
Advanced Voting Solutions (AVS)
By Justin Moore, Duke University   
December 04, 2005
This article was originally posted in the New River Forum at It is reposted here with permission of the author.

I wanted to comment on two articles I have seen on, both concerning the WINVote machines specifically and paperless electronic voting in general.

The first, "
Voter paper trail might be a blind alley," contains a relatively standard defense of paperless machines from Registrar Randall Wertz, based on security steps the state and localities take against tampering.

All of these steps are useful and necessary, but in the grand scheme they are nothing more than a sugar pill. The software that collects and tallies votes is complex, written to meet poor standards and has a history of failure. We, as computer scientists, know how to write good code -- it runs our airplanes, our pacemakers and our military equipment -- but we don't know how to do it on the cheap. Boeing spent $2 billion over five years to write the control software for the 777, and the final product contains less than one-fourth of the total amount of software that runs on your voting machines.

If airplane code were written to the same standards of reliability as voting machines, every day about 10 planes flying out of Baltimore/Washington International would experience a software failure during flight.

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