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AccuPoll's DRE voting systems include a verification function that provides voters with a paper record that validates their vote and allows for manual recounts. The company, based in Tustin CA, is targeting federal, state, and local governments with its products, and it has already approved certification for its voting system in a number of states. Chairman and CTO Dennis Vadura owns about 23% of AccuPoll. Unisys, based in Blue Bell PA, acts a reseller for AccuPoll. Unisys is among the largest government IT contractors, serving local, state, and federal agencies, as well as foreign governments.

Former Voting Machine Vendor CEO Speaks Out Against The Industry PDF  | Print |  Email
By John Gideon, and VoteTrustUSA   
April 11, 2006
Warns That 'None of the Vendors Have a System That Voters Can Trust'


ALSO: Paper Ballot Printing Problems Stop Early Voting In Several States

On April 6, our friends at OpEdNews.Com featured an article that includes an interview with the former CEO of AccuPoll, a voting machine vendor that recently went bankrupt. In the article by Sean Greene of the CEO, Dennis Vadura is quoted as saying:

"I am not happy about the outcome, or the state of the industry. I think that something needs to be done. I'm not sure what it is, it probably doesn't include AccuPoll at this point, but I do not feel that any of the vendors has a system that voters can trust. I think that vendors outright misrepresent the robustness, stability, and security of their systems. You just have to look at the litany of problems and it points at one thing, bad fundamental design, and not enough checks and balances. I also wonder why the other vendors were so adamant in fighting a VVPAT system requirement. They spent much more in fighting it than in implementing it."
Now, finally, an industry insider and 'mover-and-shaker' has stepped forward to echo what many of us have been saying for the past two or three years. The remaining vendors are doing all they can to prove that Mr. Vadura is right. That fact is borne out by the following two stories:
AccuPoll: With voting machine company now bankrupt, CEO speaks out PDF  | Print |  Email
By Sean Greene,   
April 06, 2006
No vendor "has a system that voters can trust!"


This article appeared on OpEdNews. 


The market for voting systems has been a perilous one, especially for small companies. While firms can potentially land contracts to sell large numbers of systems to localities across the country looking to replace older voting machines, they must navigate a complex maze of state and federal certification procedures, endure local procurement fights, close scrutiny and meet demand for a large number of voting systems, sometimes in a severely compressed time schedule.

The realities of the market most recently took its toll on the voting-machine maker AccuPoll, which filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, leaving two counties in Texas using its products with no vendor support and a frustrated former CEO in its wake.

The company, which produced the AVS-1000, a voter-verified paper audit trail (VVPAT)-equipped touch-screen machine, has ceased all operations.

AccuPoll's voting system was federally certified in 2005 to the 2002 Voting System Standards. It received state certification in Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, West Virginia and Wisconsin. The machines have also been used by unions and private organizations.

Only two counties nationally - both in Texas - purchased the machines, a decision that now leaves them without vendor support with AccuPoll's dismantling.

And it also leaves the company's former head fuming about the nature of the voting-machine business.

AccuPoll Certified by Kansas and Wisconsin PDF  | Print |  Email
By Company Press Release   
December 28, 2005
AccuPoll's  DRE Voting System First Voting System Certified by Wisconsin State Elections Board


TUSTIN, Calif.--(link to press release)--Dec. 28, 2005--AccuPoll, Inc. (OTCBB:ACUP - News), a developer of Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) voting systems, today announced that its DRE voting system has been certified by the Kansas Secretary of State and the Wisconsin State Elections Board. Both states are requiring any voting system purchased with federal funds allocated pursuant to HAVA to be certified to the 2002 FEC Voting System Standards.

"With this state certification in hand, AccuPoll is now certified to sell its voting system and conduct elections in Kansas and Wisconsin," said William E. Nixon, CEO and president of AccuPoll.

Both states are structuring their funding programs to encourage county authorities to purchase a single HAVA compliant precinct count electronic voting system that can be used by all voters, including individuals with disabilities, because it would be the most efficient use of Federal, State and local funds. Most of HAVA funds available to counties will be used to upgrade their voting systems to fully comply with HAVA.

AccuPoll Signs Worldwide Agreement With FranTech To Market AccuPoll in 220 Countries PDF  | Print |  Email
By AccuPoll Press Release   
May 06, 2005
IRVINE, Calif.-- AccuPoll Holding Corp. (OTCBB:ACUP - News) signed a non-exclusive agreement with FranTech International Licensing, Inc., Ventura, California, which grants FranTech the right to market AccuPoll's electronic voting system through FranTech's network of 600 agents in 220 countries to governments around the world.

The company explained that the AccuPoll voting system is uniquely suited to meet the needs of most countries. It has multi-language capabilities, can include photos of candidates, and supports Latin, Cyrillic and Asian character-based languages.

Dennis Vadura, CEO of AccuPoll, said, "We chose FranTech because of its tremendous geographic reach and proven track record in establishing licensing agreements. With more than 35 years of experience, FranTech knows international trade policy, law, marketing, investment banking, and technology research. Its broad expertise, coupled with access to key governmental decision makers, provides services uniquely valuable to AccuPoll overseas."

The company explained that FranTech's mission is to foster the development of the global economy by providing a global perspective to developers, marketers, manufacturers and innovators on newly emerging and preemptive technologies. It offers world-class solutions for the licensing and transfer of USA innovations to emerging economies.

Philip Nadeau, CEO of FranTech, said, "We see a tremendous market worldwide for this touch screen voting system and already have interest from several countries. We plan on developing brand name recognition and positioning of AccuPoll with many governmental agencies where we already have relationships in place."

The AccuPoll voting system consists of one or more touch screen voting stations that offer an ATM-like experience for the voter with printed paper proof of vote reflecting each voter's ballot selection. AccuPoll guides the voter through the voting process on a touch sensitive display screen. When the voter is satisfied with the ballot, the confirmed ballot is stored electronically, and a paper proof of Vote is printed for the voter to review in the privacy of the voting booth. The voter deposits the proof of vote into a ballot box before leaving the polling place. AccuPoll leverages the accessibility and usability features of touch screen voting while providing a voter verified paper audit for audit and recount purposes.

AccuPoll and Unisys Tapped to Conduct Election for Westmoreland County Democratic Party PDF  | Print |  Email
By Unisys Press Release   
March 16, 2005

Companies Selected after Recent Success in Allegheny County, Members Will Be Able to Verify Vote with Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail

TUSTIN, CA.-- AccuPoll Inc. (OTCBB:ACUP), a developer of Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) voting systems today announced that the company has been selected to conduct Saturday's endorsement election for the Democratic Committee of Westmoreland County, Pa. Members of the party will be casting their ballots using AccuPoll's federally qualified electronic voting machines, which feature a voter verified paper audit trail.

AccuPoll will be conducting the election alongside reseller Unisys Corp. (NYSE:UIS), which provides election services, training and support for AccuPoll's system throughout Pennsylvania. The companies were selected as a result of the highly successful election conducted in Allegheny County last month.

"Officials from the party in Westmoreland County contacted us immediately after hearing about how smoothly the Allegheny County election was run," said Frank Wiebe, president of AccuPoll. "We had rave reviews following that election, and we feel that voters all over Pennsylvania will agree once they've had the opportunity to vote using the AccuPoll system with a voter verified paper audit trail."

AccuPoll designed their electronic voting system to feature a voter verified paper audit trail (VVPAT), which allows voters to verify - via an immediately printed paper audit trail - that their vote was accurately recorded at the time it was cast. As a result, AccuPoll's VVPAT system fully empowers voters to independently ensure that their vote is correct at the time it is cast, allowing for an accurate recount and audit capability should the need arise.

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