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Election Audit Summit Brings Together Statisticians, Election Officials, and Advocates PDF  | Print |  Email
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By Pamela Smith, Verified Voting Foundation   
November 07, 2007

As one of six co-sponsoring organizations, Verified Voting Foundation is very pleased to announce that the Post-Election Auditing Summit was a success that surpassed the considerable hopes of the team that put it together (American Statistical Association, Brennan Center for Justice, Citizens for Election Integrity Minnesota, Common Cause, Florida Voters Coalition, and Verified Voting Foundation). At present, while some three-fourths of the states have passed requirements for voter-verified paper ballots -- or obtained voter-verified paper ballot systems even without a requirement to do so -- only about one fourth of all states are doing any audits at all. Yet audits provide an essential safety check by allowing vote counts to be publicly validated.

The organizers of this event saw an opportunity to help improve this situation, and worked to pull together 100 participants, eight panels, and much lively discussion over three days in Minneapolis. The result was lots of good energy, creative ideas, and a spirit of collegial information sharing, with attendees from twenty states, including top state election officials from several states, as well as local election officials from a number of states, and the Vice-Chair of the Election Assistance Commission - and just about everyone actively participated.

Though distinct perspectives were presented on some aspects of how audits can and should be done, the Summit seemed to nurture mutual understanding between the state and local election officials, academic experts from statistics, computer science, and political science, and election integrity advocates who participated. The agenda can be viewed here.


Read the Entire Article  at Verified Voting Foundation

1,000 Rally for Revote in Sarasota County FL-13 Race PDF  | Print |  Email
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By Kindra Muntz, Sarasota Alliance for Fair Elections   
December 18, 2006
  Over 750 people gathered in Sarasota's Bayfront Park December 3, 2006 to call for a Revote in the hotly contested District 13 Congressional Race between Vern Buchanan and Christine Jennings.

18,412 votes disappeared in Sarasota County, giving Republican candidate Vern Buchanan the victory with a slim 369 vote margin. State officials, who certified the five-million dollar software, insist "there is no evidence" that ES&S's iVotronic machines malfunctioned on Election Day. Yet hundreds of voters, both Republican and Democrat, reported having numerous problems casting their ballots on November 7th.

The success of lawsuits demanding a revote and access to the source code of the iVotronic touch screen voting machines could be precedent setting for the rest of the nation.

Watching the Vote 2006 PDF  | Print |  Email
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By Election Protection Coalition   
October 25, 2006

1-866-OUR-VOTE is the only national voter assistance hotline staffed by live call center operators trained to provide state specific assistance to all voters.


Lawyers, poll monitors and additional volunteers will be mobilized in 16 key states across the nation to assist voters in the days leading up to the election and on Election Day.  Led by People For the American Way Foundation, the NAACP, and the Lawyers’ Committee For Civil Rights Under Law, Election Protection (EP) has operated in every election cycle since 2001, and is the nation’s most far-reaching nonpartisan effort to provide voter assistance and protect voter rights.  The services will include bilingual assistance for areas with a heavy concentration of Spanish-speaking voters.


Trained volunteers will staff the Hotline providing immediate, state specific, assistance to callers. Call center operators will inform voters and solve problems on issues such as voter identification requirements, voting machine malfunctions, problems at the polling place, and voter intimidation.  National call centers will be located in Washington, New York, Baltimore and San Francisco. Local call centers will be hosted in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Minnesota.  

Pollworkers for Democracy Training PDF  | Print |  Email
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By Joan Krawitz   
October 19, 2006

Pollworkers for Democracy, a coalition project of VoteTrustUSA, Mainstreet Moms, and Working Assets, is recruiting interested citizens to serve as official pollworkers (election judges) in their home counties.  In addition to attending the training provided by their county election officials, participants in the Pollworkers for Democracy project will be taking part in supplementary training via conference calls and podcast.   Both of the following training modules should be downloaded for use during and after the training. For more information visit the Pollworkers for Democracy website


Dealing With Voting Machines:  Training Provided by VoteTrustUSA for Pollworkers for Democracy.


Being A Pollworker for Democracy



Over 1,400 Sign Up For New "Pollworkers For Democracy" Project In First Week PDF  | Print |  Email
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By Pollworkers for Democracy   
September 23, 2006

Pollworkers For Democracy Calls On Voters To "Give A Day For Democracy"

In light of a national pollworker shortage of 500,000 and persistent controversies around polling, citizen action groups have joined forces in a new national “Pollworkers for Democracy” campaign. VoteTrustUSA, along with our partners Mainstreet Moms, and Working Assets launched last week with a call to “give a day for democracy” by signing up to work the polls. In its first days, 1435 new pollworkers have signed up nationwide.

“It's time to give a day for democracy and sign up to work the polls.” said Megan Matson (pictured at left), of Mainstreet Moms, "The only way our democracy can truly work is by turning concern into action and becoming part of the solution. Helping voters and assisting elections officials is a simple, supportive and paid way to do this."


For more information or to sign up please visit

At present pollworkers are hired, trained and paid by their local election officials to work in their county on Election Day – the average age of a pollworker is 72. Pollworkers for Democracy is recruiting pollworkers to help with the kind of problems seen in recent primaries: thousands of frustrated would-be voters, long delays, and confusion generated by failing voting machine systems. These problems, combined with a recent flurry of lawsuits and a growing stack of government and institutional reports against electronic voting machines have lead to low public confidence in the American electoral system. Pollworkers for Democracy aims to encourage citizens to get informed and get active in response. Visitors to can pledge to work the polls, look up local officials information, and learn how to apply for pollworker positions. They are further supported with online materials and weekly teleconference calls offering pollworking resources and advice.

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