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By VoteTrustUSA   
August 29, 2005
VoteTrustUSA supports efforts to promote transparent, fair, observable, and audited elections. In advancement of this effort, we advocate improved Federal and State standards for election processes and voting systems, improved testing and certification procedures for voting equipment, accurate and more complete reporting of election data, and a more widespread understanding of concerns about the accuracy, security, and reliability of all electronic voting systems. We advocate significant rountine manual audits of voter-verified paper records of the ballots to check the operation of the electronic equipment. We support improved procedures for state and local election administration and poll worker training. We support the development and employment of voting systems that provide all voters both independent access to vote casting and confidence in the accuracy of vote counting.


We oppose the use of voting systems that do not provide an individual, permanent, voter verified paper record of each vote suitable for a meaningful hand-counted audit or recount. We oppose the involvement of voting machine vendors in the administration of elections, and we oppose any form of secrecy in the process of vote counting.