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VoteTrustUSA Core Group
Joan Krawitz
Joan Krawitz
Executive Director

Warren Stewart
Warren Stewart
Policy Director


What We Do

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VoteTrustUSA is a national non-profit, non-partisan organization, founded by several of the most experienced national and state leaders of the election integrity and e-voting reform movement. VoteTrustUSA is an unincorporated organization operating as a 501(c)(3) under the fiscal sponsorship of the International Humanities Center.
The mission of VoteTrustUSA is to ensure that future elections are free, fair, accountable and accurately reflect the intentions of the voters. Our purpose is to strengthen coordination, organization, teamwork, knowledge, information sharing and communication among state and locally based election integrity organizations across the country. The VoteTrustUSA Statement of Principles can be viewed here.

To achieve these goals, VoteTrustUSA offers a wide range of services to:
  • Provide leaders of state and local e-voting reform groups access to continually updated informational and educational resources, tailored to respond directly to their needs.
  • Facilitate open and active communication and networking among and between state/local group leaders, members of existing groups, members of the public, VoteTrustUSA staff and other regional and national leaders.
  • Rapidly respond to requests for research & information from state, local and national groups and leaders.
  • Provide a national voice and lobbying presence in Washington DC on behalf of citizen concern about the accuracy and integrity of elections in the US Congress, the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) and other national venues.
  • Improve the ability of state groups to build and activate their grassroots base, use the media effectively, develop credible state-based technical experts and build other skills to advance election integrity.
  • Provide assistance to local organizations in key areas, such as: grassroots organizing, leadership and membership development, identifying and working with key stakeholders in their areas.

The members of the VoteTrustUSA leadership team have been part of the movement for years. We’ve participated in the original research and created many of the key information resources; litigated and lobbied for Voter Verified Paper Ballots with mandatory auditing procedures; led on major legal initiatives; organized rallies and statewide training; provided national-level fund-raising; organized the participation of candidates, election officials and citizens in state recounts for Presidential elections; provided ongoing support to state and local groups and established relationships with leaders of most of the state and national organizations supporting election reform. VoteTrustUSA does not speak on behalf of any of the individual organizations listed on our website.

Who We Are

What We're Working For

VoteTrustUSA: In Depth

Statement of Principles

Andy Stephenson
Andy Stephenson
Original Co-Founder