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November 01, 2006

A selection of our most important articles


The Harri Hursti Hack and Its Importance To Our Nation


What’s All the Fuss About Intepreted Code in Florida and California?


DRE Reliability: Failure by Design?


Making Diebold "Okay" For Pennsylvania (And The Rest Of The Country Too?)


HR 550 and the EAC


"Off with Their Heads!" cried the Queen of Hearts


Paying Attention: Audits, Recounts, Verification Protocols


With Nowhere Left to Hide, Diebold Pulls Out of North Carolina


New Election Auditing Protocol Proposed


Key Component of Voting System Undergoes No Review


All Election Integrity is Local


Too Much, Too Fast, More Than They Can Chew


The New EAC Advisory and What It Means


Corporate Control of Voting Equipment Certification


Diebold in California: Who's Responsible?

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