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By Warren Stewart, VoteTrustUSA   
March 07, 2007

According to a report in the Star Express, Voting Technologies International (VTI) has apparently gone out of business, leaving county officials that have purchased the company’s voting equipment concerned about future elections. One of the smaller players in the voting equipment industry, VTI had contracts with counties in only three states – seven counties in Kansas, four counties in Indiana, and one county in Wisconsin.

Based in Milwaukee, Wiscon, the company has received little attention. In a study of 2004 election data conducted by David C. Kimball of the University of Missouri-St. Louis VTI registered a 4.1% undervote rate, good for second place behind the Unilect Patriot’s astonishing 6.8%. The company’s VotCenter with VotWare election management software is not listed as having received a NASED qualification number in the most recent list of voting systems from last summer.

All four Indiana counties using the equipment experienced problems in the 2006 elections. Problems in the Parke County primary led to an election challenge and results were delayed for several days in Randolph county after computer failures. Things went no better in Randolph County in November, when vote totals didn’t add up and in some precincts, there were too many votes cast compared to the number of people who actually marked ballots. County officials were unable to determine the specific cause of the general election problems was never determined.

However, having invested $300,000 in the system, the county seems determined to continue using it in this year’s elections. In the Star Express article, Thornburg said Tuesday she doesn't expect the problems with VTI to affect this year's city elections. This in spite of the fact that she also noted that "From the best we can tell they no longer exist, so we have no support for our equipment."

Indiana’s election director Brad King said that he was working to secure background data so those four counties could continue to use and maintain the machines. He reported that  “a letter has been written to the escrow company that has custody of Voting Technologies International source code, which might be necessary at some point in the future to permit counties to administer elections using VTI equipment."
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