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By Warren Stewart and Ellen Theisen   
November 28, 2005
This sample legislation for voter verified paper records was prepared for Vote Trust USA by Warren Stewart and Ellen Theisen of VotersUnite.Org. Much of this language is drawn from the Voter confidence and Increased Accessibility Acto of 2005 (HR 550). Please feel free to use any of the language that you find helpful.

Summary: Requires a voter-verifiable paper record of every vote, to be preserved in accordance with laws governing the preservation of ballots; defines the paper record as the true and correct record and the official record for recounts and audits.

(i) The voting system shall produce or require the use of an individual voter-verifiable paper record of the voter's vote that shall be made available for inspection and verification by the voter before the voter's vote is cast. For purposes of this clause, examples of such a record include a paper ballot prepared by the voter for the purpose of being read by an optical scanner, a paper ballot prepared by the voter to be mailed to an election official (whether from a domestic or overseas location), a paper ballot created through the use of a ballot marking device, or a paper print-out of the voter's vote produced by a touch screen or other electronic voting machine, so long as in each case the record permits the voter to verify the record in accordance with this subparagraph.
(ii) The voting system shall provide the voter with an opportunity to correct any error made by the system in the voter-verifiable paper record before the permanent voter-verifiable paper record is preserved in accordance with subparagraph (a)(i).
(iii) The voting system shall not preserve the voter-verifiable paper records in any manner that makes it possible to associate a voter with the record of the voter's vote.
(i) The permanent voter-verifiable paper record produced in accordance with subparagraph (a) shall be preserved in the same manner as paper ballots are preserved in the state in general. and
(ii) be suitable for a manual audit equivalent to that of a paper ballot voting system.
(iii) The individual permanent paper records produced pursuant to subparagraph (a) shall be used as the official records for purposes of any recount or audit conducted with respect to any election for Federal office in which the voting system is used.
(iv) In the event of any inconsistencies or irregularities between any electronic records and the individual permanent paper records, the individual permanent paper records shall be the true and correct record of the votes cast.
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