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The combined skill, courage, and resolve of local and state-based activist groups will largely determine whether we, as a nation, can avert the threat of electronic vote rigging, hacking, accidental loss or misallocation of electronically recorded and reported votes ... and the ultimate impact on the integrity of America's elections.


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The New Diebold Printers

Pennsylvania and the Unilect Patriot Decision

Vote Trust USA has been formed by leaders of National Ballot Integrity Project, TrueVoteMD, and VotersUnite.Org. Our purpose is to support these remarkable grass roots groups in their efforts to change laws and regulations governing voting systems and election administration, to facilitate communication among them, and to provide a national voice and lobbying presence.

We intend to build a movement
that elected officials not only acknowledge
but also accept.

Many non-partisan state and local voting integrity organizations have expressed interest in participating in this alliance. If your non-partisan election integrity group would like to join us, or if you would like help forming such a group, or if you are an individual working alone in your area and need support, please take a minute to:

Our website is currently under development. Our new face will be launched soon.

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