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CIBER-Wyle Independent Voting Machine Testing

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The CIBER- Wyle Team is Your Single source for Independent Voting Machine Testing.

With the growing demand for premier independent software/hardware testing of Voting Machines, CIBER and Wyle have joined forces and are now offering the quality independent testing solutions needed for voting machine systems supporting the Election Assistance Commission standards.

The most experienced ITA team, CIBER and Wyle have been independent testing authorities for voting vachines, more than 15 years. Our teams, co-located in Huntsville, Alabama, have now integrated best of breed testing solutions, CIBER for software testing and Wyle for their hardware testing capabilities. By teaming we now offer complete independent voting system testing solutions for voting system vendors and for state governments.

The Process

Why Choose the CIBER-Wyle Team

  • We combined the two most experienced labs and staffs in the country into one efficient organization.
  • We provide a co-located testing facility on one campus for all of your testing needs.
  • Successfully tested and recommended for certification the industry leaders in voting systems.
  • Specialized support for prequalification testing and anomaly resolution/verification.
  • Customer Convenience One place to contact for all your concerns.
  • Streamlined, time proven procedures; from proposals through final qualification process.
  • The capability to provide dedicated test areas and office space for vendors and equipment.
  • Co-Located in Huntsville, Alabama

Our State Services

The CIBER-Wyle team will help you to make sure that your election is run with little or no room for criticism. They will assist in areas such as assuring that you have the current certified copy of your voting vendors hardware and software and that you have implemented a set of state voting standards that will meet the with the majority of the voters approval, taking into consideration the usability and accessibility of the voting system.

About Wyle

Wyle Laboratories, Inc.Wyle Laboratories, Inc. ( is one of the world's most experienced qualification testing operations. Wyle provides services to the aerospace and U.S. Department of Defense arenas while also serving a wide range of other customer bases.

  • Commercial Testing - Wyle provides compliance testing to nearly all major standards including ANSI/UL, ASTM, Bellcore, CE, DOT, ETSI, FCC, IEC, IEEE, SAE and many other domestic and international requirements.
  • Electronic Testing - Wyle's Santa Clara Operations serves the Aerospace, military and commercial electronics industries offering comprehensive services for virtually any test requirement of integrated circuits.
  • Engineering - Wyle is one of the nation's largest independent engineering and testing organizations, and an industry leader in innovation, design and construction of specialized high technology, special purpose facilities. Wyle designs, builds and operates its own facilities as well as those for clients around the world.

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